It's in the mix

It's in the mix

About Us

The Botanic House is not like any other venue in the Highland's. If you like to sing, dance and create the best memories then this is the venue for you. 


Creating events to remember, every time.  


The Botanic House welcomes all forms of talent. We have had the pleasure of hosting some amazing DJs, bands, comedians, singers.. you name it and we want to support it.

We provide a stunning venue to host events that welcome everyone of all ages. Whether you are a local looking for a great night out or you are in Inverness touring, we guarantee you won't leave here without a smile on your face.


We host a variety of events and artists, and we want to continue this for everyone local to Inverness and everyone coming to visit.


  • DJs 

  • Live bands 

  • Singers 

  • Comedians

  • Ceilidhs 

  • Bingo Loco 



If you want to perform at The Botanic House, please get in touch



Join us - immerse yourself in the best entertainment in the Highlands of Scotland. From DJs, Drag Kings and Queens, Acoustic and Live Bands, Bingo Loco, we welcome you! 


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